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BUCS Rugby Union 2011-2012 - South Eastern 2B - Men's

Updated: 27/02/2019 17:57 P W D L GDPts
1 King's GKT 1st 14 12 0 2 264 40
2 UCL 1st (RUMS) 13 10 0 3 221 30
3 Royal Free (RUMS) 1st 14 10 0 4 161 30
4 Hertfordshire 1st 14 7 0 7 -115 21
5 Queen Mary 1st (Barts and the London SMD) 13 6 0 7 12 20
6 Canterbury CC 1st 13 7 0 6 106 18
7 Royal Free (RUMS) 2nd 13 1 0 12 -429 3
8 LSE 1st 14 1 0 13 -220 -3
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League Notes

League Notes

Promotion & Relegation

Top team promoted. Bottom two teams relegated. If three teams relegated from 1A, 6th placed team will be required to take part in relegation playoff against 2A 6th placed team. You will be notified in due course by the BUCS Office. All teams to South Eastern Conference Cup, fixtures played during league programme (see knockouts section for full draw and dates). The BUCS Office reserves the right to amend these knockout qualification and promotion / relegation details in exceptional circumstances
Detailed Table Adjustment made

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