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BUCS Volleyball 2016-2017 - Northern 3A - Women's

Updated: 02/01/2018 17:28 P W D L GDPts
1 Manchester Met 2nd (Cheshire) 7 7 0 0 11 21
2 Keele 1st 8 4 0 4 1 12
3 Bangor 1st 8 3 0 5 -5 9
4 Edge Hill 1st 7 4 0 3 7 6
5 Keele 2nd 8 1 0 7 -14 3
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League Notes

League Notes

Promotion & Relegation

All fixtures must be completed by league deadline listed in Appendix 3 on Rules & Regulation page. Results Submission Deadline is 23:59 of the day following the league deadline. Top team promoted. All teams to Conference Cup - fixtures played during league programme (see knockouts section for full draw and future round dates). The BUCS Office reserves the right to amend knockout qualification and promotion/relegation details if required. Please note, bottom tier leagues may be subject to merges/splits in 2017-18 season depending on entries. [Gyndwr 1 withdrew as of 03/11/2016]
Detailed Table Adjustment made
The points displayed highlight the points that would be achieved by the team if they were to stay in the same league position. Please note that BUCS points are updated every six hours.
Region Team Points
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityManchester Met 2nd (Cheshire)10
Keele UniversityKeele 1st6
Bangor UniversityBangor 1st4
Keele UniversityKeele 2nd2
Edge Hill UniversityEdge Hill 1st0
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