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BUCS Rugby Union 2015-2016 - Midlands 3B - Men's

Updated: 27/02/2019 17:57 P W D L GDBPPts
1 East Anglia 1st 10 8 1 1 1155 39
2 Anglia Ruskin 1st (Camb) 10 6 0 4 1028 32
3 Oxford Brookes 2nd 10 5 0 5 493 23
4 Leicester 2nd 10 4 0 6 -1084 20
5 Northampton 2nd 10 4 0 6 -763 19
6 Nottingham Trent 4th 10 2 1 7 -827 17
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League Notes

League Notes

Promotion & Relegation

Fixtures must be completed by final league deadline of 23rd March 2016 (results to be submitted by 12pm 24th March). Top team promoted. Bottom team relegated. 5th placed team may also be relegated if additional team needs to be relegated from above (impacting leagues below). All teams to Conference Cup - fixtures played during league programme (see knockouts section for full draw and future round dates). The BUCS Office reserves the right to amend knockout qualification and promotion/relegation details if required. PLEASE NOTE - Bonus points scoring is now active in this league. Bonus points will be awarded for teams scoring 4 or more tries, or teams losing by 7 points or less. It is the responsibility of the home side to collect all score information and upload to BUCScore. All score information is compulsory within this league.
Detailed Table Adjustment made
The points displayed highlight the points that would be achieved by the team if they were to stay in the same league position. Please note that BUCS points are updated every six hours.
Region Team Points
University of East AngliaEast Anglia 1st10
Anglia Ruskin UniversityAnglia Ruskin 1st (Camb)6
Oxford Brookes UniversityOxford Brookes 2nd4
University of LeicesterLeicester 2nd3
University of NorthamptonNorthampton 2nd2
Nottingham Trent UniversityNottingham Trent 4th1
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