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BUCS Fencing 2011-2012 - Midlands Conference Cup - Men's

BUCS Fencing 2011-2012 - Midlands Conference Cup - Men's

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Quarter Finals

1 East Anglia 1st v BYE 22/02/12
2 Cambridge 2nd v BYE 22/02/12
3 Staffordshire (Stoke) 1st v BYE 22/02/12
4 Nottingham Trent 1st v BYE 22/02/12

Semi Finals

1 East Anglia 1st w/ov Cambridge 2nd 07/03/12
2 Staffordshire (Stoke) 1st 135v116 Nottingham Trent 1st 09/03/12
YMCA Edinburgh House


1 East Anglia 1st 127v106 Staffordshire (Stoke) 1st 21/03/12


Winner:   East Anglia 1st

Semi Finals

Cambridge 2nd

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