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University of Leeds
University of Leeds

University of Leeds has entered 0 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2019-20.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(Cup):
Oxford MCCU 188 - 148 Leeds/Bradford MCCU
Wednesday, 19 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(Cup):
Leeds/Bradford MCCU 226 - 224 Durham MCCU
Wednesday, 12 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Lancaster 1st V - V Leeds 2nd
Tuesday, 11 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Leeds/Bradford MCCU 0 - 0 Loughborough MCCU
Thursday, 06 June 2019:
W Women's Cricket(League):
Sheffield 1st 121 - 167 Leeds 1st
Wednesday, 05 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Durham 2nd 218 - 132 Leeds 3rd
W Men's Cricket(League):
York 1st 167 - 170 Leeds 2nd
Monday, 03 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Bradford 1st 149 - 192 Leeds 3rd
Friday, 31 May 2019:
L Women's Cricket(League):
Leeds/Bradford MCCU 187 - 191 Loughborough MCCU
Wednesday, 29 May 2019:
L Women's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st w/o v Leeds 1st
No Fixtures Available
Gender Sport Team Form
Women's Table Tennis Leeds 1st WWWWWW
Men's Water Polo Leeds 1st WWWWWW
Women's Hockey Leeds 4th WWWDWW
Men's Futsal Leeds 1st WWWWWL
Men's Cricket Leeds 1st WWWWWL
Women's Water Polo Leeds 1st WWWWLW
Women's Badminton Leeds 2nd WWWLWW
Women's Hockey Leeds 1st WWWLWW
Women's Netball Leeds 3rd WWWLWW
Men's Rugby Union Leeds 2nd WWWLWW
Men's Basketball Leeds 1st WWLWWW
Women's Hockey Leeds 5th WWDWDW
Women's Volleyball Leeds 1st WLWWWW
Women's Cricket (Indoor) Leeds 1st LWWWWW
Men's Cricket Leeds/Bradford MCCU LWWWWW
Mixed American Football Leeds 1st LWWWWW
Men's Football Leeds 2nd WWWWLD
Women's Lacrosse Leeds 1st WWWLWD
Women's Futsal Leeds 1st WDWWWL
Women's Squash Leeds 1st LDWWWW
Women's Netball Leeds 6th WWWWLL
Women's Volleyball Leeds 2nd WWWLWL
Men's Basketball Leeds 3rd WWLWWL
Men's Volleyball Leeds 1st WWLLWW
Men's Fencing Leeds 1st WWLLWW
Mixed Golf Leeds 1st WWLLWW
Women's Football Leeds 2nd WLWWWL
Men's Tennis Leeds 5th WLWWWL
Women's Cricket Leeds 1st WLWWWL
Women's Hockey Leeds 7th WLWWLW
Women's Rugby Sevens Leeds 1st LWWWWL
Men's Cricket Leeds 3rd LWWWWL
Women's Netball Leeds 1st LWWLWW
Women's Netball Leeds 5th LWLWWW
Women's Fencing Leeds 1st LWLWWW
Men's Hockey Leeds 3rd LWLWWW
Men's Rugby League Leeds 2nd LWLWWW
Men's Rugby Union Leeds 4th LLWDWW
Men's Lacrosse Leeds 1st DWLWLW
Women's Netball Leeds 2nd DLWWLW
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Leeds 1st WWWLLL
Men's Table Tennis Leeds 1st WWLLLW
Men's Table Tennis Leeds 2nd WLWWLL
Women's Rugby Union Leeds 2nd WLWWLL
Women's Squash Leeds 3rd WLWLLW
Men's Basketball Leeds 2nd WLWLLW
Men's Squash Leeds 1st WLLWWL
Women's Football Leeds 3rd WLLWWL
Men's Rugby Union Leeds 6th LWWLWL
Men's Rugby League Leeds 1st LWLWLW
Women's Lacrosse Leeds 2nd LLWWWL
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Leeds 1st LLWLWW
Women's Hockey Leeds 2nd LLLWWW
Men's Football Leeds 4th DWLWDL
Women's Hockey Leeds 6th WLLDLW
Men's Football Leeds 3rd WLDLWL
Women's Hockey Leeds 3rd WDDLDL
Women's Badminton Leeds 1st LLWWLD
Women's Football Leeds 1st LLLDWW
Men's Badminton Leeds 3rd DWLLWL
Women's Tennis Leeds 1st DLLLWW
Women's Rugby Union Leeds 1st WLLLWL
Men's Hockey Leeds 2nd WLLLLW
Men's Rugby Union Leeds 3rd LLWLLW
Men's Rugby Union Leeds 1st LLLWLW
Women's Cricket Leeds/Bradford MCCU LLLWLW
Men's Football Leeds 1st DLLDLW
Men's Hockey Leeds 1st DDLLDD
Women's Squash Leeds 2nd WLLLLD
Men's Hockey Leeds 5th LLWLDL
Men's Badminton Leeds 1st LLLLDW
Men's Tennis Leeds 1st LLLDWL
Men's Tennis Leeds 3rd LDLWLL
Men's Hockey Leeds 6th WLLLLL
Men's Cricket Leeds 2nd WLLLLL
Men's American Football Leeds 1st WLLLLL
Men's Tennis Leeds 2nd LLLWLL
Men's Rugby Union Leeds 5th LLLWLL
Men's Tennis Leeds 4th LLLLWL
Men's Rugby Sevens Leeds 1st LLLLWL
Women's Netball Leeds 4th LLLLLW
Men's Football Leeds 5th LLLLLW
Women's Basketball Leeds 1st LLLLLW
Women's Tennis Leeds 2nd LLLLLD
Women's Tennis Leeds 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Squash Leeds 2nd LLLLLL
Men's Squash Leeds 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Badminton Leeds 2nd LLLLLL
Men's Hockey Leeds 4th LLLLLL
Men's Lacrosse Leeds 2nd LLLLLL
Women's Hockey Leeds 8th LLLLLL
Women's Hockey Leeds 9th N/A
Men's Canoe Leeds 1st N/A
Mixed Korfball Leeds 1st N/A
Mixed Korfball Leeds 2nd N/A
Women's Ultimate Leeds 1st N/A
Mixed Korfball Leeds 3rd N/A
Women's Ultimate (Outdoor) Leeds 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Leeds 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Leeds 2nd N/A
Men's Ultimate Leeds 3rd N/A
Mixed Equestrian Leeds 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Leeds 2nd N/A
Mixed Equestrian Leeds 3rd N/A
Mixed Swimming Leeds 1st N/A
Mixed Swimming Leeds 2nd N/A
Mixed Swimming Leeds 3rd N/A

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