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Keele University
Keele University

Keele University has entered 0 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2019-20.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Keele 2nd w/o v Manchester 4th
Tuesday, 04 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Manchester 3rd v w/o Keele 1st
Wednesday, 29 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Bangor 1st V - V Keele 1st
L Men's Cricket(League):
Keele 2nd 81 - 123 Chester (Chester) 1st
Wednesday, 22 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Bolton 1st 184 - 181 Keele 2nd
Friday, 17 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Keele 1st 107 - 161 Liverpool Hope 1st
Thursday, 16 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Liverpool 3rd 257 - 133 Keele 2nd
Wednesday, 15 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Keele 1st V - V Edge Hill 1st
Wednesday, 01 May 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Keele 1st 78 - 77 Lancaster 2nd
Saturday, 13 April 2019:
L Men's Ultimate (Outdoor)(Cup):
Bangor 1st V - V Keele 1st
No Fixtures Available
Gender Sport Team Form
Women's Table Tennis Keele 1st WWWWWW
Men's Basketball Keele 1st WWWWWL
Men's Football Keele 1st WWWWLW
Women's Netball Keele 1st WWWWLW
Women's Fencing Keele 1st WWLWWW
Women's Basketball Keele 1st WWLWWW
Women's Badminton Keele 1st WLWWWW
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Keele 1st WLWWWW
Men's Rugby Union Keele 1st DWLWWW
Men's Lacrosse Keele 1st WWWLWL
Men's Basketball Keele 2nd LWWWWL
Men's Rugby Union Keele 2nd LWWLWW
Men's Tennis Keele 2nd LWWLWW
Women's Hockey Keele 2nd WLDWLW
Women's Lacrosse Keele 1st WLDLWW
Men's Squash Keele 2nd WLWLWL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Keele 1st WLLWLW
Women's Rugby Union Keele 1st LWWLLW
Women's Netball Keele 2nd LWLWLW
Men's Cricket Keele 1st LWLWLW
Men's Badminton Keele 2nd LLWLWW
Women's Football Keele 1st DWWDLL
Men's Football Keele 3rd WWLDLL
Men's Tennis Keele 1st LWLLWD
Women's Cricket (Indoor) Keele 1st WWLLLL
Women's Volleyball Keele 1st WLLWLL
Men's Football Keele 2nd WLLLWL
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Keele 2nd WLLLLW
Mixed American Football Keele 1st WLLLLW
Women's Netball Keele 4th LLLWLW
Men's Fencing Keele 1st LLLWLW
Women's Tennis Keele 1st LDWLDL
Men's Badminton Keele 1st DWLLDL
Mixed Korfball Keele 1st LLLWD
Men's Table Tennis Keele 2nd WLLLLL
Mixed Golf Keele 1st WLLLLL
Men's Volleyball Keele 1st WLLLLL
Men's Rugby Sevens Keele 1st WLL
Women's Badminton Keele 2nd WL
Men's Tennis Keele 3rd LLWLLL
Men's Futsal Keele 2nd LLLLWL
Women's Lacrosse Keele 2nd LLLLWL
Men's Cricket Keele 2nd LLLLWL
Men's Football Keele 4th LLLLLW
Women's Squash Keele 2nd LLLDDL
Mixed Korfball Keele 2nd LLLLD
Men's Futsal Keele 1st LLDLLL
Women's Futsal Keele 1st LDLLLL
Women's Squash Keele 1st LDLLLL
Women's Hockey Keele 1st DLLLLL
Men's Squash Keele 1st LLLLLL
Men's Hockey Keele 1st LLLLLL
Men's Hockey Keele 2nd LLLLLL
Women's Netball Keele 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Squash Keele 3rd LLLLLL
Women's Volleyball Keele 2nd LLLLLL
Men's Table Tennis Keele 1st LLLLLL
Men's American Football Keele 1st LLLLLL
Women's Rugby Sevens Keele 1st LLL
Men's Ultimate Keele 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Keele 2nd N/A
Mixed Swimming Keele 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Keele 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Keele 2nd N/A

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