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Durham University
Durham University

Durham University has entered 0 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2019-20.

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Thursday, 27 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(Cup):
Exeter 1st 265 - 167 Durham 1st
Wednesday, 26 June 2019:
L Women's Cricket(Cup):
Durham MCCU 75 - 77 Loughborough MCCU
Wednesday, 19 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(Cup):
Durham 1st 168 - 164 Cardiff 1st
L Men's Cricket(Cup):
Leeds/Bradford MCCU 226 - 224 Durham MCCU
Tuesday, 18 June 2019:
W Women's Cricket(Cup):
Exeter 1st 80 - 81 Durham MCCU
Monday, 17 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Durham 3rd 107 - 108 Bradford 1st
Tuesday, 11 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Cambridge MCCU 246 - 297 Durham MCCU
Monday, 10 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Durham 1st 214 - 248 Leeds Beckett 1st
Saturday, 08 June 2019:
L Women's Cricket(League):
York 1st V - V Durham 2nd
Thursday, 06 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Durham 1st 140 - 139 Edinburgh 1st
No Fixtures Available
Gender Sport Team Form
Men's Fencing Durham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Hockey Durham 3rd WWWWWW
Women's Lacrosse Durham 1st WWWWWW
Women's Lacrosse Durham 2nd WWWWWW
Men's Lacrosse Durham 1st WWWWWW
Women's Tennis Durham 4th WWWWWW
Women's Rugby Union Durham 2nd WWWWWW
Men's Rugby Sevens Durham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Badminton Durham 3rd WWWWDW
Men's Hockey Durham 1st DWWWWW
Men's Cricket Durham 2nd WWWWWL
Women's Volleyball Durham 1st WWWWLW
Women's Netball Durham 4th WWWWLW
Men's Rugby League Durham 1st WLWWWW
Men's Squash Durham 1st WLWWWW
Women's Volleyball Durham 2nd WLWWWW
Men's Squash Durham 4th WLWWWW
Women's Lacrosse Durham 5th WLWWWW
Women's Netball Durham 5th WLWWWW
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Durham 1st WLWWWW
Men's American Football Durham 1st LWWWWW
Men's Volleyball Durham 1st LWWWWW
Women's Tennis Durham 1st LWWWWW
Women's Table Tennis Durham 1st LWWWWW
Women's Rugby Union Durham 1st LWWWWW
Men's Lacrosse Durham 2nd LWWWWW
Men's Basketball Durham 1st LWWWWW
Men's Football Durham 2nd WWWLDW
Women's Netball Durham 3rd WDLWWW
Mixed Golf Durham 3rd LWWWDW
Women's Cricket (Indoor) Durham 1st LWDWWW
Women's Water Polo Durham 1st LDWWWW
Men's Football Durham 3rd DLWWWW
Men's Tennis Durham 5th WWWWLL
Women's Hockey Durham 2nd WWWWLL
Women's Netball Durham 1st WWWWLL
Women's Rugby Union Durham 3rd WWWLWL
Men's Rugby Union Durham 5th WWWLLW
Men's Squash Durham 5th WWLWWL
Men's Hockey Durham 4th WWLWWL
Men's Fencing Durham 2nd WWLLWW
Men's Squash Durham 3rd WLWWWL
Men's Basketball Durham 2nd WLLWWW
Men's Tennis Durham 6th WDWDLW
Women's Badminton Durham 2nd WDDWLW
Women's Basketball Durham 1st LWWWWL
Women's Tennis Durham 2nd LWWWWL
Women's Cricket Durham MCCU LWWWWL
Mixed Golf Durham 1st LWWWLW
Women's Squash Durham 1st LWWLWW
Men's Tennis Durham 1st LWWDWD
Men's Badminton Durham 1st LWWDWD
Women's Fencing Durham 1st LWLWWW
Men's Hockey Durham 5th DWLWWD
Men's Hockey Durham 2nd WLWWDL
Women's Squash Durham 4th WLDWWL
Women's Hockey Durham 5th WDWWLL
Mixed Golf Durham 4th WDLLWW
Women's Football Durham 1st LWWWDL
Men's Badminton Durham 2nd LWWDWL
Women's Hockey Durham 4th LWLWWD
Men's Tennis Durham 2nd LWDWWL
Women's Futsal Durham 1st DWWLLW
Women's Fencing Durham 2nd WWLWLL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Durham 2nd WWLWLL
Women's Lacrosse Durham 4th WLWLLW
Men's Rugby Union Durham 4th WLLWLW
Women's Tennis Durham 3rd WLLWLW
Men's Tennis Durham 3rd WDWLDL
Women's Fencing Durham 4th LWWWLL
Women's Fencing Durham 3rd LWWLLW
Men's Cricket Durham 1st LWLWLW
Men's Cricket Durham MCCU LWLLWW
Women's Cricket Durham 2nd LWLLWW
Women's Futsal Durham 2nd LLWWLW
Men's Water Polo Durham 1st LLWLWW
Women's Water Polo Durham 2nd LLWLWW
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Durham 1st LLLWWW
Women's Tennis Durham 5th DLWWDL
Men's Tennis Durham 4th WLWLDL
Women's Hockey Durham 1st LWWDLL
Mixed Golf Durham 2nd LDWDLD
Women's Badminton Durham 3rd LDLWWL
Women's Badminton Durham 1st DWLWLL
Men's Rugby Union Durham 3rd WWLLLL
Women's Football Durham 3rd WWLLLL
Men's Fencing Durham 5th WWLLLL
Women's Volleyball Durham 3rd WLLLWL
Men's Fencing Durham 4th LWWLLL
Mixed American Football Durham 1st LWWLLL
Women's Futsal Durham 3rd LWLWLL
Women's Netball Durham 2nd LWLWLL
Men's Volleyball Durham 3rd LLWWLL
Men's Fencing Durham 3rd LLWLWL
Women's Table Tennis Durham 3rd LLWLLW
Women's Table Tennis Durham 6th LLWLLW
Men's Futsal Durham 2nd LLWLLW
Men's Basketball Durham 3rd LLLWWL
Men's Squash Durham 2nd LLLWLW
Men's Rugby Union Durham 1st LLLLWW
Men's Table Tennis Durham 1st LLLLWW
Women's Lacrosse Durham 3rd LLLLWW
Men's Water Polo Durham 2nd LLLLWW
Women's Squash Durham 3rd LDLWLD
Women's Football Durham 2nd DDLLLW
Women's Rugby Sevens Durham 1st LWLDLL
Women's Squash Durham 2nd LWDLLL
Men's Rugby Union Durham 2nd LLWLLD
Men's Football Durham 1st WLLLLL
Women's Basketball Durham 2nd WLLLLL
Women's Basketball Durham 3rd WLLLLL
Men's Futsal Durham 4th W
Women's Lacrosse Durham 6th LWLLLL
Women's Hockey Durham 3rd LWLLLL
Women's Table Tennis Durham 5th LLWLLL
Women's Futsal Durham 4th LLWLLL
Men's Table Tennis Durham 3rd LLLWLL
Women's Table Tennis Durham 4th LLLLWL
Men's Volleyball Durham 2nd LLLLWL
Men's Cricket Durham 3rd LLLLLW
Men's Futsal Durham 3rd LLLLLW
Men's Futsal Durham 1st LLLLLW
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Durham 3rd LLLLLW
Men's Lacrosse Durham 3rd LLLLLD
Men's Table Tennis Durham 2nd LLLLLL
Women's Table Tennis Durham 2nd LLLLLL
Women's Water Polo Durham 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Water Polo Durham 3rd LLLLLL
Women's Futsal Durham 5th LLLLLL
Women's Fencing Durham 5th LLLLLL
Men's Gaelic Football Durham 1st LLLLL
Men's Gaelic Football Durham 2nd L
Men's Gaelic Football Durham 3rd N/A
Men's Squash Durham 6th N/A
Mixed Golf Durham 5th N/A
Women's Ultimate (Outdoor) Durham 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Durham 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Durham 2nd N/A
Men's Ultimate Durham 3rd N/A
Women's Cricket Durham 3rd N/A
Men's Cricket Durham 4th N/A
Women's Badminton Durham 4th N/A
Women's Tennis Durham 6th N/A
Women's Ultimate Durham 1st N/A
Women's Ultimate Durham 2nd N/A
Women's Rugby Sevens Durham 2nd N/A
Men's Rugby Sevens Durham 2nd N/A
Men's Canoe Durham 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Durham 3rd N/A
Mixed Swimming Durham 1st N/A
Mixed Swimming Durham 2nd N/A
Mixed Equestrian Durham 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Durham 2nd N/A

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