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University of Derby
University of Derby

University of Derby has entered 0 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2019-20.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Worcester 2nd V - V Derby 1st
Wednesday, 22 May 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Derby 1st 129 - 128 Birmingham 2nd
Wednesday, 15 May 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Loughborough 4th 223 - 238 Derby 1st
Wednesday, 08 May 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Derby 1st 105 - 108 Nottingham 2nd
Wednesday, 01 May 2019:
L Men's Football(League):
Durham 1st 10 - 0 Derby 1st
L Men's Cricket(League):
Derby 1st 110 - 111 Worcester 1st
D Women's Badminton(League):
Liverpool 1st 4 - 4 Derby 1st
Wednesday, 10 April 2019:
L Men's Volleyball(Cup):
Derby 1st 0 - 3 Newcastle 1st
W Men's Football(League):
Derby 1st 4 - 2 Newcastle 1st
Wednesday, 03 April 2019:
L Men's Table Tennis(Cup):
Derby 1st 11 - 16 Newcastle 1st
No Fixtures Available
Gender Sport Team Form
Men's Cricket Derby 3rd WWWWWW
Women's Football Derby 1st WWWWWD
Women's Badminton Derby 1st DWWWWW
Men's Basketball Derby 2nd WWWWLW
Men's Basketball Derby 1st WWLWWW
Men's Rugby League Derby 1st LWWWWW
Men's Football Derby 4th WWWLWL
Men's Rugby Union Derby 1st WWLWWL
Men's Football Derby 5th WLWWWL
Women's Rugby Union Derby 1st WLLWWW
Women's Table Tennis Derby 1st LWWWWL
Women's Volleyball Derby 1st LWWWWL
Men's Hockey Derby (Buxton) 2nd LWWLWW
Men's American Football Derby 1st LWWLWW
Men's Football Derby 2nd LWLWWW
Men's Badminton Derby 1st LWWWLD
Women's Futsal Derby 1st LWLWWD
Women's Football Derby (Buxton) 2nd WLWLLW
Men's Volleyball Derby 1st LWWLLW
Men's Table Tennis Derby 1st LWWLLW
Men's Football Derby 1st LWLDDW
Women's Football Derby 2nd LLWLWW
Women's Netball Derby 2nd LLWWLD
Women's Futsal Derby 3rd LLDWWL
Men's Hockey Derby 1st DLLLWW
Men's Cricket Derby 1st WWLLLL
Men's Basketball Derby 3rd WLWLL
Men's Rugby Union Derby 2nd WLLLWL
Men's Rugby Union Derby 3rd LWLWLL
Men's Futsal Derby 1st LWLLLW
Men's Badminton Derby 2nd LLWWLL
Men's Squash Derby 1st LLWLWL
Women's Volleyball Derby 2nd LLLWWL
Women's Netball Derby 1st LLLLWW
Men's Cricket Derby 2nd LLLLWW
Men's Rugby Union Derby 3rd LLLLWW
Women's Squash Derby 1st LDWLDL
Men's Tennis Derby 1st WLDLLL
Mixed Golf Derby 1st LWLLLD
Men's Football Derby 3rd DLWLLL
Men's Lacrosse Derby 1st DLWLLL
Men's Volleyball Derby 2nd WLLLLL
Women's Rugby Sevens Derby 1st LLWLLL
Men's Football Derby (Buxton) 4th LLWLLL
Men's Hockey Derby (Buxton) 2nd LLLLWL
Men's Football Derby 5th LLLLLW
Women's Futsal Derby 2nd LLLLLW
Men's Futsal Derby 2nd LLLLLW
Women's Netball Derby 5th LLLDDL
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Derby 1st LLLLLL
Women's Basketball Derby 1st LLLLLL
Women's Hockey Derby 1st LLLLLL
Women's Lacrosse Derby 1st LLLLLL
Mixed American Football Derby 1st LLLLLL
Men's Table Tennis Derby 2nd LLLLLL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Derby 1st LLLLLL
Women's Netball Derby 3rd LLLLLL
Women's Netball Derby 4th (Buxton) LLLLLL
Men's Squash Derby 2nd LLLLLL
Men's Futsal Derby 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Rugby Sevens Derby 1st LLLL
Men's Rugby Sevens Derby 2nd N/A
Men's Football Derby 6th N/A
Men's Rugby Union Derby 4th N/A
Mixed Equestrian Derby (Buxton) 2nd N/A
Women's Tennis Derby 1st N/A

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