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UCFB has entered 0 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2019-20.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019:
L Women's Netball(League):
Creative Arts, Surrey 1st V - V UCFB 1st
L Women's Netball(League):
UCFB 1st 41 - 52 London South Bank 2nd
Monday, 25 March 2019:
L Men's Rugby Union(League):
Surrey 4th 35 - 7 UCFB 1st (Wembley)
Wednesday, 20 March 2019:
W Men's Rugby Union(League):
Writtle 1st 19 - 39 UCFB 1st (Wembley)
W Men's Football(League):
Creative Arts, Surrey 1st 0 - 5 UCFB 7th (Wembley)
W Men's Football(League):
UCFB 1st (Etihad) 3 - 2 Manchester 2nd
W Men's Football(League):
Bolton 1st 1 - 2 UCFB 2nd (Etihad)
D Women's Football(League):
King's College 2nd 2 - 2 UCFB 2nd (Wembley)
L Mixed Golf(League):
UCFB 1st 2.5 - 3.5 Keele 1st
Saturday, 16 March 2019:
W Men's Futsal(League):
UCFB 1st (Etihad) 5 - 4 Liverpool 2nd
No Fixtures Available
Gender Sport Team Form
Men's Football UCFB 1st (Etihad) WWWWWW
Men's Football UCFB 2nd (Etihad) WWWDWW
Men's Football UCFB 7th (Wembley) WWWWLW
Men's Football UCFB 5th (Wembley) LWWWWW
Women's Football UCFB 1st (Etihad) DDWWWW
Men's Football UCFB 6th (Wembley) WWWWDL
Men's Futsal UCFB 1st (Etihad) WWWLWD
Women's Football UCFB 2nd (Wembley) DWLWWW
Men's Football UCFB 3rd (Etihad) WWLLWW
Men's Rugby Union UCFB 1st (Wembley) LWLWWW
Men's Football UCFB 4th (Etihad) WLLWWL
Men's Football UCFB 1st (LUSL) LLLWLW
Women's Netball UCFB 1st LLLLWW
Mixed Golf UCFB 1st LDLLLW
Men's Cricket UCFB (Etihad) 1st WLLLLL
Men's Basketball UCFB 1st LWLLLL
Men's Gaelic Football UCFB 1st LLW
Men's Football UCFB 2nd (LUSL) LLLLLW
Men's Cricket (Indoor) UCFB 1st N/A
Men's Futsal UCFB 2nd N/A

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