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University of Nottingham
University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham has entered 0 team(s) into the BUCS league programme for the Season 2019-20.

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Friday, 14 June 2019:
L Women's Cricket(League):
Nottingham 1st V - V Oxford MCCU
Wednesday, 12 June 2019:
L Men's Cricket(League):
Nottingham 4th V - V Worcester 3rd
L Women's Cricket(League):
Warwick 1st 53 - 52 Nottingham 1st
L Men's Cricket(League):
Worcester 1st V - V Nottingham 2nd
L Men's Cricket(League):
Loughborough 2nd V - V Nottingham 1st
Tuesday, 11 June 2019:
L Women's Cricket(League):
Nottingham 1st V - V Cambridge MCCU
L Men's Cricket(League):
Nottingham 1st V - V Loughborough 3rd
Wednesday, 05 June 2019:
W Men's Cricket(League):
Nottingham 1st 94 - 91 Birmingham 1st
L Women's Cricket(League):
Nottingham 1st 73 - 224 Loughborough 1st
L Men's Cricket(League):
Loughborough 4th 92 - 91 Nottingham 2nd
No Fixtures Available
Gender Sport Team Form
Women's Badminton Nottingham 1st WWWWWW
Women's Netball Nottingham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Squash Nottingham 2nd WWWWWW
Men's Squash Nottingham 3rd WWWWWW
Women's Table Tennis Nottingham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Table Tennis Nottingham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Table Tennis Nottingham 2nd WWWWWW
Women's Squash Nottingham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Cricket Nottingham 1st WWWWWW
Men's Futsal Nottingham 2nd WWWWWW
Women's Table Tennis Nottingham 4th WWWWWW
Men's Tennis Nottingham 6th WWWWWW
Men's Futsal Nottingham 4th WWWWDW
Women's Squash Nottingham 2nd WWWWDW
Men's Water Polo Nottingham 1st DWWWWW
Men's Badminton Nottingham 4th WWWWWL
Women's Table Tennis Nottingham 2nd WWWWWL
Men's Badminton Nottingham 5th WWWWWL
Men's Cricket Nottingham 3rd WWWLWW
Women's Badminton Nottingham 4th WWWLWW
Men's Tennis Nottingham 1st WWLWWW
Women's Volleyball Nottingham 2nd WWLWWW
Men's Rugby Union Nottingham 5th WWLWWW
Men's Squash Nottingham 4th WLWWWW
Men's Basketball Nottingham 2nd WLWWWW
Men's Fencing Nottingham 1st LWWWWW
Men's Table Tennis Nottingham 5th LWWWWW
Women's Water Polo Nottingham 1st LWWWWW
Women's Table Tennis Nottingham 3rd LWWWWW
Mixed American Football Nottingham 1st LWWWWW
Women's Netball Nottingham 6th LWWWWW
Men's Tennis Nottingham 2nd DWWWDW
Men's Hockey Nottingham 5th WWWLDW
Mixed Golf Nottingham 2nd WWLWWD
Men's Football Nottingham 5th WWLWWD
Men's Football Nottingham 1st WWLWDW
Men's Rugby Union Nottingham 4th WDWWWL
Men's Football Nottingham 4th DWWLWW
Men's Badminton Nottingham 2nd DLWWWW
Mixed Korfball Nottingham 1st WWWWL
Men's Lacrosse Nottingham 2nd WWWLWL
Men's Rugby Union Nottingham 2nd WWWLLW
Women's Tennis Nottingham 1st WWLWWL
Men's Squash Nottingham 5th WWLWWL
Men's Tennis Nottingham 7th WWLWLW
Men's Table Tennis Nottingham 3rd WLLWWW
Men's Hockey Nottingham 4th WDDWWL
Men's Fencing Nottingham 2nd LWWWWL
Women's Football Nottingham 3rd LWWWWL
Women's Volleyball Nottingham 1st LWWWWL
Men's Squash Nottingham 1st LWWWWL
Men's Lacrosse Nottingham 1st LWWWWL
Women's Netball Nottingham 5th LWWWLW
Women's Lacrosse Nottingham 1st LWWWLW
Men's Cricket Nottingham 2nd LWWWLW
Women's Fencing Nottingham 1st LWWLWW
Women's Basketball Nottingham 1st LWLWWW
Women's Cricket (Indoor) Nottingham 1st LWLWWW
Women's Rugby Union Nottingham 2nd LWLWWW
Men's Hockey Nottingham 1st LWDWWD
Women's Badminton Nottingham 2nd LLWWWW
Women's Squash Nottingham 3rd LLWWWW
Men's Table Tennis Nottingham 4th LLWWWW
Men's Badminton Nottingham 1st LDWDWW
Mixed Golf Nottingham 3rd WWLWLD
Women's Netball Nottingham 4th WLWDLW
Men's Tennis Nottingham 5th WDWLWL
Women's Hockey Nottingham 1st LWWLWD
Women's Futsal Nottingham 1st LWWLDW
Men's Hockey Nottingham 3rd LWDWWL
Women's Lacrosse Nottingham 2nd LWDWLW
Women's Squash Nottingham 4th DLDDWW
Women's Rugby Sevens Nottingham 1st WWLWLL
Women's Hockey Nottingham 3rd WWLWLL
Mixed Korfball Nottingham 2nd WWLLW
Women's Lacrosse Nottingham 4th WWLLLW
Women's Futsal Nottingham 3rd WWLLDD
Mixed Golf Nottingham 1st WWLDDL
Men's Rugby Union Nottingham 6th WLWWLL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Nottingham 1st WLWLLW
Women's Tennis Nottingham 2nd WLLWWL
Men's Fencing Nottingham 3rd WLLLWW
Women's Table Tennis Nottingham 5th WLLLWW
Women's Tennis Nottingham 6th WLLLWW
Men's Futsal Nottingham 1st LWWWLL
Men's Rugby Union Nottingham 1st LWWLWL
Women's Lacrosse Nottingham 3rd LWWLLW
Women's Cricket Nottingham 1st LLWWWL
Men's Cricket Nottingham 4th LLWLWW
Men's Tennis Nottingham 3rd LLWDDW
Men's Hockey Nottingham 6th DWDLLW
Men's Tennis Nottingham 4th WWDLLL
Women's Hockey Nottingham 5th WLWLLD
Women's Football Nottingham 1st LDWLWL
Men's Hockey Nottingham 2nd LDLDWD
Women's Hockey Nottingham 6th WLWLLL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Nottingham 3rd WLLWLL
Men's Water Polo Nottingham 2nd WLLLLW
Men's Volleyball Nottingham 1st LWWLLL
Men's Rugby League Nottingham 2nd LWLLWL
Women's Netball Nottingham 3rd LWLLWL
Men's Cricket (Indoor) Nottingham 1st LWLLLW
Women's Futsal Nottingham 4th LWDDLL
Men's Rugby Union Nottingham 3rd LLWLLW
Women's Hockey Nottingham 4th LLLWLW
Men's Gaelic Football Nottingham 1st LLLWLW
Men's American Football Nottingham 1st LLLWLW
Women's Tennis Nottingham 3rd LLLWLW
Men's Lacrosse Nottingham 3rd LLLLWW
Women's Basketball Nottingham 2nd LLLLWW
Women's Tennis Nottingham 4th LLDWDL
Women's Football Nottingham 2nd LDLLWD
Women's Hockey Nottingham 2nd LWLLLD
Mixed Korfball Nottingham 3rd LLWLD
Women's Netball Nottingham 2nd LDLLLW
Men's Badminton Nottingham 3rd DLLLDD
Men's Football Nottingham 2nd DDDLLL
Women's Rugby Union Nottingham 1st WLLLLL
Men's Football Nottingham 3rd LWLLLL
Men's Volleyball Nottingham 3rd LWLLLL
Women's Squash Nottingham 6th LWLLLL
Men's Ultimate (Outdoor) Nottingham 2nd LWLLLL
Men's Volleyball Nottingham 2nd LLWLLL
Men's Basketball Nottingham 1st LLWLLL
Men's Rugby League Nottingham 1st LLWLLL
Women's Fencing Nottingham 2nd LLLWLL
Women's Futsal Nottingham 2nd LLLLWL
Men's Squash Nottingham 6th LLLLWL
Women's Water Polo Nottingham 2nd LLLLLW
Men's Basketball Nottingham 3rd LLLLLW
Women's Volleyball Nottingham 3rd LLLLLW
Women's Squash Nottingham 5th LLLLLW
Men's Futsal Nottingham 3rd LLLDLD
Women's Tennis Nottingham 5th DLLLLD
Women's Badminton Nottingham 3rd LLLLDL
Mixed Korfball Nottingham 4th LLLLD
Women's Basketball Nottingham 3rd LLLLLL
Men's Rugby Sevens Nottingham 1st LLLLLL
Women's Futsal Nottingham 5th LLLLLL
Men's Lacrosse Nottingham 4th LLLLLL
Women's Ultimate Nottingham 2nd N/A
Men's Ultimate Nottingham 1st N/A
Men's Ultimate Nottingham 2nd N/A
Men's Ultimate Nottingham 3rd N/A
Men's Ultimate Nottingham 4th N/A
Men's Rugby League 9s Nottingham 1st N/A
Women's Rugby Sevens Nottingham 2nd N/A
Women's Ultimate (Outdoor) Nottingham 1st N/A
Women's Ultimate Nottingham 1st N/A
Men's Canoe Nottingham 1st N/A
Mixed Swimming Nottingham 1st N/A
Mixed Swimming Nottingham 2nd N/A
Mixed Equestrian Nottingham 1st N/A
Mixed Equestrian Nottingham 2nd N/A

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